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Pet Safety

Protect Your Pet from Pet Theft
Info from Central Florida Animal Rescue

Each year, unscrupulous people steal thousands of family pets, while thousands more are deceptively obtained through “Free to Good Home” ads. Sadly, most of these animals are illegally sold for medical research. Don’t let your pet become a victim!

Don’t leave companion animals unattended in your yard. It only takes a minute for thieves to steal your pet.

Don’t tie your dog outside of restaurants or stores, and never leave your animals unattended in a car.

Don’t allow your dog to be visible from the street.

Don’t use “Free to Good Home” newspaper ads to place companion animals.

Don’t place an animal until you interview the prospective adopters, visit their home, and check references. Ask about any prior pets, how they would care for an animal, and the name of their veterinarian.

Don’t place an animal until the adopter has signed an adoption contract reviewed by a humane organization and paid an adoption fee.

Don’t allow prospective adopters to take an animal from your home. Always deliver the animal yourself.