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Giving Up Your Pets

Hover over the tab “giving up your pets” to see the tab “Surrendering your Pet”.  click on that for more information for more detailed information

We accept dogs, puppies, cats, kittens.

Many people relocating are aware in advance they cannot take their animals with them to their new homes. Please first take the time to try and find a ome for your pet yourself.  Your pet is your responsibility and not the responsibility of shelters or rescues.  Take the time to  find a reputable rescue to assist you with your situation if you have exhausted reaching out to social media, friends, family and co-workers. Planning ahead will avoid your pet going to a high kill shelter and ending your loving companions life. Do not wait until the last minute. Many rescues do not have room on a moments notice. But given advance notice, you may be put on a waiting list if they are full. When space becomes available, your pet will be taken and given the opportunity to find another loving family. Do not drop you felines in the forest preserves, they will not survive, and always, always spay and neuter. PLEASE, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.

We have limited space with our foster homes.  Before contacting us, please post on your facebook page that you are looking to re-home your pet, ask family, friends, print a flyer and give it to people you know to bring to work.   If you are needing to re-home your pet, please email with the following information:

  1. Where are you Located
  2. Picture of your pet
  3.  Name, age, weight, and breed guess
  4.  Does your pet have any health issues
  5.  Why are you needing to re-home your pet
  6.  If your pet is a dog, is your pet spayed/neutered,  up to date on rabies vaccination, up to date with DHPP vaccination
  7. When was the last time your dog was heartworm tested
  8.  Is your pet good with dogs, good with cats, good with children
  9.  Is your dog pet aggressive, or have a bit history?
  10.  Are there any behavioral issues with your dog like anxiety, aggression with people, afraid of people, or anything else
  11.  Is your dog crate trained and/or house trained
  12.  Can your dog jump or climb a fence, if so what kind of fence
  13.  If your pet is a cat, is your pet spayed/neuterd, tested for FeLV, tested for FIV, up to date with rabies vaccination, up to date with FVRCP vaccination?
  14.  In order for us to accept a feline, the feline must be FeLV and FIV negative.
  15.  If your pet is a feline, does he/she always use the kitty box, or have accidents?
  16.  Does your kitty bite people?
  17.  Is your kitty shy, or hide and need a quiet home?

Once we get the above information, we will try and find a foster home that is a good match for your pet.  If we are able to find a foster home for your pet, we will contact you then ask you to complete the owner surrender form. There is a $100.00 owner surrender fee.  Litters of puppies and litters of kittens will not have a surrender fee.