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Fostering Animals

Foster Care Application

THANK YOU so much for considering making a difference in the lives of these beautiful abandoned animals through foster care!  The more foster homes we have the more we can save.

Foster Care is critical to our rescuing efforts. Foster homes provide care for our rescued animals until they find forever loving homes.  We do not have a physical building, so we can only rescue an animal if we have a foster home that will step up and care for them.  The more foster homes we have, the more babies we can save. The Foster Care Program through Angels On Wheels is needed for animals rescued from high kill shelters, and some from owner surrenders needing temporary homes. These animals just need a place to lay their heads until their forever family is found. Becoming a foster parent is a very rewarding experience, and can be a lot of fun. Watching these scared babies turn into flowers makes fostering worth the effort. There are may tears shed when they finally find homes of their own, but knowing you have saved a life and opened up space to save another helps the tears go away.

Who can be a foster parent? Anyone, even if you work full time. Every animal requires different needs, and all you need is a love to for animals and a heart to help. We will match you with a foster that works with your schedule and housing set-up.  If you work full time fostering puppies won’t be an option.  Young pups can’t be left home alone all day.

How long will I foster an animal? It depends. Young puppies and kittens can not be placed up for adoption until they are 8 weeks old. All of our puppies almost must go through a 14 day

quarantine period. During this time we deworm, vaccinate, vet check, micro chipped, spay/neuter and treat for any other medical that may arise. So it would depend on how old they are when you receive them. Adult cats and dogs are put up for adoption as soon as they get a medical clearance from the vet and after they are fully vetted including the spay/neuter procedure. Any foster animal you would receive would need to remain in your care until adoption. Some kittens and puppies find families in just a few days after the quarantine period, others can take a few months.  Please be sure that all family members are in agreement with fostering and understand how the program works.  If you need to leave for vacation….no problem, let us know in advance and we will get you a temporary foster for your babies.

What is expected of me?  We ask that you provide a loving, clean, nurturing, indoor home for our canines and felines until a forever family is found.  You will need to give medication, we provide a checklist for you, and will show you how.  The medication is either a pill and/or liquid.  You will need to take 3-4 good photos to showcase your animal, write a little bio about his/her personality to help us find his/her perfect family, and then we may ask you to periodically update your fosters bio and photos.  Once your rescued animal has an approved application from a loving family that would like to adopt, you will be asked to either email or call the family to schedule an appointment, then finally complete the adoption paperwork…don’t worry we will show how you the first time.

What types of animals are available for fostering? Lots of puppies, tons of kittens, pregnant/nursing dogs, pregnant/nursing cats, many orphaned puppies and Kittens that require bottle feeding, dogs that need extra socialization, dogs and cats that have medical needs, senior dogs, as well as dogs and cats that have no medical problems or behavioral issues at all.  Sadly there are many wonderful animals about to be put down due to lack of space at shelters by no fault of their own.

Please be aware that raising very young orphaned kittens and puppies is challenging and can be heartbreaking, but will be rewarding on many levels. It can be very emotional to deal with potentially losing a puppy or kitten that you have cared for and loved. This is not the result of anything you have done. Some babies we rescue have already had a very hard beginning, and are just not healthy or strong enough to survive some illness.  We do try and we give them every chance, and we have a wonderful team of vets. You will be given information on how to care for bottled fed kittens being fostered.

What about my own pets? You will need to have a safe space in your home where you can keep the foster babies separate from your own pets. Don’t ever leave your own pets alone with rescued animals as we don’t want anything to happen.  We encourage you to keep your pets current on all core vaccinations and preventatives such as Frontline or revolution, and we strongly

recommend you consult your vet regarding your pets’ health prior to bringing a new animal into your home. All of our rescued animals are seen by a vet prior to adoption, treated with either Revolution or Frontline Plus for the prevention of Fleas and Ticks, heartworm preventative, deworming with panacur for dogs and pyrantel for kittens, provided age appropriate core vaccinations, and spay/neuter if old enough along with any other medical needs. Those babies too young to be spayed/neutered prior to adoption will be given a free spay/neuter coupon.  At the end of the year we follow-up with those families to assure everyone has been spayed/neutered.    We also ask you to introduce your animals very slowly.  If you have multiple dogs, you should introduce them one at a time and give some time in between the introductions.

What supplies will I need? You will need a safe place in your home to keep the babies, most kittens can be kept in a bathroom with food, water, beds and kitty litter box…even a bedroom if the babies are old enough to use the kitty box.  Very small kittens may need a heater in the room to help keep them warm.   Puppies can be in an x-pen, laundry room, gated kitchen, everything works differently based on your house set-up.   Angels On Wheels Pays for all of the medical expenses as well as provide you with food and a crate or x-pen (dogs only) if needed.  Ever puppy will receive a leash and collar, and adult dogs will receive a quick release martingale collar along with a double handle/or other sturdy leash.  We have extra bowls if you need them, just ask us.  I’m sorry at this time we are unable to provide kitty litter.

How much will it cost me to foster? Very little, we will provide food, or you can provide your own.  We pay for all medical expenses. Upon receiving your foster, you will get a foster goody bag with, toys, a dog bone, treats, and a cans of dog food to help administer medication.  All dogs come with a leash and collar.  If you should run out of food, we have more.  You would need to drive to Naperville to pick up any additional food you may need.   If you want buy the food yourself to be able to feed your foster the same food you are feeding your current dog, that’s fine as well.  Angels On wheels is a 501c3 rescue, which means any mileage used for transporting your rescued animals you can write off on your taxes at the end of the year as well as anything else you choose to buy your foster.  What ever other supplies you choose the buy your foster on your own, you can also write off at the end of the year.

Medical Care: Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue will pay for all approved medical expenses that is needed for the animals. Our current participating vets are:   Crest Hill Cat and Dog Clinic on the corner of Weber Road and Caton Farm Road, 815-744-3540 (Crest Hill is the Rescue’s primary vet).  You can also take your foster to Yorkville Animal Hospital, Oswego Animal Hospital, Springbrook Animal Care Center, Naperville Animal Hospital, and Knoll Animal Hospital in Carol Stream.   In addition we also can do spays/neuters at ADOPT in Naperville,  Fox Valley Animal Welfare League, and a low cost spay/neuter clinic  in Lombard and Carol Stream.  We do ask that you take your foster animal to the vet for medical care.

How does the adoption process and fostering work together? Once an animal is placed for adoption, an approved adoption application is required before any appointments are made. The application process is done on-line through Angels on Wheels website.  If approved, we will forward the adoption application to you.   When you speak with the potential adoptive family, you then schedule a mutually beneficial time to meet. If they choose to adopt and take home their new companion, you will give them the animals medical records along with the adoption gift bag, and the new family will sign the adoption contract and hand you the adoption fee. You have now put smiles on many wonderful faces.

The foster family has first choice in adopting.  When the animal is ready for adoption, that is when you will need to tell us if you want to adopt your foster baby.  Once we receive an application for the dog you are fostering, your option to adopt has now passed.  This is the fairest way for everyone.

Giving up a foster is sad….yes but they are also happy tears.  All of our fosters, including myself, have fallen in love with about every dog and cat.  Tears of sadness and joy are shed when it’s time to turn them over to a new family.  Helping dogs and cats prepare for their forever home is one of the hardest, yet rewarding experiences.  To see these animals transform from being abandoned, scared, and many times sick or injured, to a thriving, loving, healthy, friendly dog or cat is not something one can put in words.  Many of the fosters keep up with their adoptive families and get continued updates which confirms that fostering is making a difference not only for the dog or cat you saved, but for the family who is being blessed in being able to adopt them.

How do you become a foster to our rescued animals? Please complete the on-line foster care application form found under the fostering tab. We will contact you within 7 days after receiving the application to schedule a home visit with you, which is more of an question and answer session.  If you do not hear from us in 7 days, please email  We do apologize sometimes we get very busy and sometimes things are missed.   During the home visit we will go over our meds protocol, how transport works, where the animals come from, our responsibility as well as yours, and this is a good time to ask other questions.  Once you are approved to provide foster care and you receive your first foster baby, it is very important  that you can access  private messages through facebook several times a day as we do a lot of correspondence this way.  The foster family has first choice in adopting.  When the animal is ready for adoption, that is when you will need to tell us if you want to adopt your foster baby.

Foster Care