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Foster Care Application Form

Thank you for your interest in fostering a dog or cat with Angels on Wheels. Please answer the following questions as completely as possible. YOU MUST BE at least 23 years of age to foster a feline and at least 23 to foster a canine. Please do not let your children fill this form out as their is a disclaimer at the end of the form which will be void and thus making the application void. Thank you so much for your understanding!

  • You must be at least 23 to foster.
  • You must be at least 23 to foster.
    We do most of our correspondence through facebook messaging since it's live, fast and easy. It's very important when you begin fostering that you are able to check your Facebook messages daily. We also have a group foster forum where it's easier for us to get messages to all of our fosters at the same time.
  • You must have dog/cat care experience if wanting to foster. We will help and guide you to becoming a great foster, but it's very difficult for us if you don't have basic pet care knowledge from being a pet owner.
    It's not required to be an experienced foster, we will guide you through it
    We understand that everyone goes on vacation. We will find a temporary foster for you should you go on vacation until you return.
  • We can't process your application without this information if you rent.
  • A fence is not required for fostering most dogs.
    We recommend you speak with your vet prior to fostering to be sure your animals are up to date with the necessary vaccinations and preventatives.
  • Please describe your dog and/or cat's personality. Are they good with other cat's/dogs. Is there any relevant information that we should know about them?
  • This is very important as it will help us determine who would be a good match for you based on the number of hours you are gone.
  • Please provide the name, phone number, and relationship to you of a personal reference of a relative not living with you preferably a parent. If no parents another relative is fine. References must be 25+ in age
  • Please provide the name, phone number, and relationship to you of a personal reference of a friend, co-worker or neighbor ....excluding boyfriend/girlfriend/partner or others living in the same home as you.
    Please check yes if you will allow and no if you will not. Also note that if you check no, you will be unable to foster per our department of Ag license.
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