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Feline Adoption Application

We realize there are a lot of questions to answer, please understand they are all in the in best interest of you and the animal for which you are applying for. Please take the time to carefully read and COMPLETE all of the questions as best as possible as they are designed to assist with placing our animals in an environment that meets their personality and needs. Our wish is for the animals and the adoptive family alike to be happy, thus resulting in a permanent, happy, forever home. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

We are a rescue. Most of our animals arrive as strays from high kill shelters and thus breed and weight at maturity ARE ONLY GUESSES.  PLEASE READ EVERYTHING TO FULLY UNDERSTAND THE FELINE ADOPTION APPLICATION PROCESS 

If you are interested,  fill out a feline adoption application COMPLETELY and send that to us. Then, assuming complete, we will first process the feline adoption application, then contact you (via email or phone) to discuss the feline adoption application and set up an adoption appointment (if your approved)  to see the lovable adoptables. Please ensure your application is COMPLETE, as incomplete feline adoption applications will not be forwarded to an adoption counselor and won’t be considered for adoption. Being volunteer based, it may take up to 7 business days for a volunteer adoption counselor to contact you.   We are 100% volunteer based.  Because we are volunteer, our feline adoption applications reviewed, meet and greets, and home visits are done around our volunteer’s daily jobs, life commitments and activities.  We thank you for your patience.  Waiting that extra few days is nothing compared to the love that a dog will provide for years to come.  

In order to set up a visitation with one of the adoptables, a COMPLETE feline adoption application must be submitted.  All of our animals are in foster homes and we ask to have information on the potential adopters for the safety of our animals and their foster families.  

Our volunteers review feline adoption applications, perform home visits and do adoptions on their own time and expense. With that stated, we can only guarantee a volunteer within 60-90 driving miles of 60564.  We still welcome ALL feline adoption applications in the event a volunteer is in your area or passing through your area for the final step of the feline adoption application, the home visit.  Please do not let the guaranteed miles deter you as there is always a possibility there is a volunteer in your area or passing through, but we thank you for your understanding in the event there isn’t.  Please still submit your feline adoption application.

Other potential adopters may be looking at the same dog you are, so please understand that time is of the essence, and it would be in your best interest to be sure the application is complete and get back to us as soon as possible with questions we may have regarding your feline adoption application application. Just because you submitted an application doesn’t mean we hold the cat. We are probably reviewing several applications. We do require all your resident pets be spayed and neutered to adopt from our organization, and we will verify that with your vet.

You may think this is a lot of effort to go through to adopt a dog. Yes, it is! These are dogs who have already lost the only home they knew, and it is our organization’s responsibility to find them their forever home where they can be loved, well cared for, and a part of your family for the rest of their life.

YOU MUST BE 23 OR OLDER TO BE AN APPLICANT OR CO-APPLICANT. Those applications where the applicant or co-applicant are not over 23 and over will be automatically denied without an email response.  Some exceptions may apply

  • You MUST be 23 and over or your application will be voided.
  • We do a good deal of our correspondence via email. Please check your email regularly after submitting an application.
  • Only Married or Engaged couples can be co-applicants. Please include your spouse as a co-applicant.
  • You MUST be 23 and over or your application will be voided.
  • NOT Country. All Counties have limits to the number of animals you can have in your home.
  • IMPORTANT: Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Roommate/sister/brother/best friends Can't apply together! The person on the lease or who owns the home should be the applicant and take responsibility for the animal should boyfriend/girlfriend break up.
  • You only need on application submitted regardless of the number of pets you want to meet.
  • I'm sorry we do not adopt to college students unless your husband/wife and someone is working full time. College financial aid shouldn't be used to care for a pet.
  • Please do not list childhood pets here that your parents cared for.
  • References must be 25+ years old
  • References should be in the United States
  • If you do not provide a phone number it will hold up your application because we will have to email you for the information. With multiple applications, your application will likely be bumped for one that is complete.
  • References should be in the United States
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