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Canine Adoption Application

Feline Adoption Application

Adoptable Pets and Process

Please be sure when viewing our adoptable pets that you scroll down then scroll to the right to click on the next page.  The pets you are seeing are are on the first page.


In order to set up a visitation with one of the adoptable animals, a completed application must be submitted. Our volunteers review adoption applications, perform home visits when required and do adoptions on their own time and expense. With that stated, we can only guarantee a volunteer can do a home visit within 60 driving miles of 60564. We still welcome ALL adoption applications in the event a volunteer is in your area or passing through your area for the final step of the adoption application, the home visit. Please do not let the guaranteed miles deter you as there is always a possibility there is a volunteer in your area.  We will go the extra mile for our special needs, seniors, and adult dogs.  Puppies and kittens who are not fixed yet due to age or illness will not be adopted further then 60 of one of our participating vets in Crest Hill, Countryside, or Naperville,  who are all located in Illinois.   If a puppy or kitten is too young to be fixed, we provide you with a spay/neuter coupon to one of our participating vets, a $100.00 fully refundable spay/neuter deposit is required, and you must live within 60 miles of one of those vets in order for your application to be approved.

We get asked many times if we can hold a pet.  We will not hold our animals for any reason.  If your planning a going out of town, moving etc, it’s best to apply when you return or are prepared to bring home a new companion.

Other potential adopters may be looking at the same dog you are, so time is of the essence, and it would be in your best interest to be sure the application is complete. Submitting an adoption application doesn’t mean we hold the dog. We could be reviewing several applications. We require all resident dogs and cats be spayed and neutered to adopt from our organization, we will verify that with your vet. Most of our correspondence is done through email while we are processing your adoption application, so be sure to check your email often. Based on the information you provide, if you are a good match for the cat or dog you are applying for, someone will be in contact with you within 7 days. With the number of applications we receive (especially on the very adoptable cats and dogs), we only contact those families that are a good match. We strive ourselves in finding the best matched family for our dogs and cats so be sure to read the bio in full to learn more about the personality, special needs and requirements.   Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing your adoption application.

Below are some of the adoption guidelines:

  1. We require that you fill out the adoption application so we can get to know you a little better. The application needs to be processed and approved prior to scheduling a meet and greet. Please be patient, we are volunteers.
  2. You will need a valid driver’s license, the applicant and co-applicant must be 23 years old to adopt a dog or cat, some exceptions may apply.
  3. All members of the family need to be present in order to adopt.
  4. Have pet approval from your landlord if you rent.  We will call your landlord.
  5. Proof of residency if you own (i.e., tax bill/deed or mortgage bill and recent utility bill) if we can’t verify through the County Assessor’s Office.
  6. All Cats and Dogs living in the household over 6 months must be SPAYED AND/OR NEUTERED (unless for medical reasons your vet has suggested otherwise and we will speak to the vet about the reason), current on rabies shots and registered as mandated by law as well as heartworm preventative.
  7. Adopter is willing to allow an Angels On Wheels Animal Rescue Representative perform a pre-adoption home visit and/or a Representative to make an adoption follow-up, either in person or by telephone. The meet and greet may take place at the foster family’s home or at the applicant’s home.
  8. Once you have picked out your new companion and you are ready to adopt, microchip registration is required, and an Adoption Contract will need to be signed prior to taking your new pet home. This is done at the time you visit with our animals, and after you have chosen your new best friend. You can take your new pet home the same day you visit.
  9. The adoption includes a vet visit with your new pet within seven days of adoption, if the vet visit is done through one of our participating vets, the visit is free. A free vet visit coupon will be provided to you with a list of those vets.
  10. All dogs and puppies will be sent home with a leash, collar, and an adoption bag with medical records, microchip information, and some wonderful information to help you begin your days with your new companion.
  11. If at any time you are unable to keep the pet, or unable to provide it with proper care, the animal must be offered back to Angels On Wheels before making other arrangements. You may be placed on a waiting list as we are a foster based rescue, which means we do not have a facility. We take our adoptions very seriously. Be sure when you adopt that you can make a commitment both financially and personally to these animals for their entire lives.
  12. Proper training and socialization will ensure that your pet will be a good family pet. Once an animal has been adopted, there will be no refunds
  13. If you adopt a dog or cat who is not old enough to be fixed, there is mandatory Spaying/Neutering by the time the pet is 6 months.  It is paid for by Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue through one of the vets we work with.   You will be provided a spay and neuter coupon with a list of our participating vets that can perform the surgery at our cost, a fully refundable $100.00 spay/neuter deposit will be required.  If a pup is not fixed prior to adoption, you must reside within an hour of one of our participating vets in order to be considered a potential adoptive family.  Our vets are:  Crest Hill Cat and Dog Clinic in Crest Hill, Countryside Animal Hospital, Fox Valley Animal Welfare League in North Aurora, Knoll Animal Hospital in Carol Stream, Springbrook Animal Care Clinic in Naperville, Naperville Animal Hospital.

Adoption Fees:  Occasionally some of our animals are sponsored.  The information will be included in the bio.

Kittens and Adults: The adoption fee starts at $50.00 and goes up to $200.00 depending on age and breed, we do not offer a discount for adopting two. The adoption includes:

  1. Mandatory Spaying/Neutering, (if not already done due to age or sickness) which is paid for by Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue.
  2. Up to date on FVRCP Vaccinations while in our care, about every 3-4 weeks a vaccination is due.
  3. Rabies vaccination age appropriate if in our care.
  4. Checked and treated for external parasites while in our care.
  5. Regular deworming while in our care
  6. Feline Leukemia (FeLV) Tested.
  7. Feline Immunodeficiency (FIV) Tested.
  8. Microchip
  9. Upper Respiratory Infections treated while in our care
  10. Any other medical condition while in our care.
  11. Free office visit with one of our participating vets good for 7 days after adoption.

Puppies & Dogs: The adoption fee starts at $150.00 for Senior Dogs and goes up depending on breed, age and includes:

  1. Mandatory Spaying/Neutering which is paid for by Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue. Up to date on age appropriate vaccinations while in our care.
  2. Rabies vaccination, age appropriate while in our care.
  3. Treated for external parasites such as fleas while in our care.
  4. Treated for any internal parasites wile in our care.
  5. Monthly heartworm protection while in our care during season.
  6. Microchip
  7. Deworming with Panacure, droncit and/or strongid while in our care.
  8. Heartworm testing, 12 months and over.
  9. We test for all 3 tick transmitted diseases…Lyme, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis if over 12 month.
  10. Heartworm positive dogs are treated while in our care.
  11. Free office visit with one of our participating vets good for within 7 days after adoption.
  12. Senior dog all receive a cbc blood panel done.
  13. Treatment of any other medical needs while in our care


We have the right to refuse any applicant/adopter at anytime for any reason. We have the right to the change adoption fees on any animal without prior notification at any time. Spaying and neutering is a non-negotiable part of the adoption contract, and we pay for the surgery if not already done due to the animals age.. For obvious reasons we can’t hold any animal for any reason at any time. After adoption, all medical is the responsibility of the new owner unless otherwise indicated.