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About Us

Angels On Wheels Animal Rescue mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, provide medical care, love, and safe harbor for Dogs, Cats, Seniors, Hospice animals afflicted by neglect, abandonment, and abuse. We give them a second chance at a loving forever home.  We provide all the medical they need to bring them back to health.    We promote the adoption of animals as pets from pounds, shelters and animal rescue groups rather than supporting inhumane puppy and kitten mills, and backyard breeders which contribute to the problem of overpopulation of domestic animals.  Our rescue efforts focus on intake of facilities that have little-to-no resources or assistance We are always in need of foster homes to help us with our mission to care for these abandoned and neglected animals.

We work with many shelters including those that are local to us, those in Southern Illinois, Kentucky as well as other southern states, many of which still use gas to euthanize their animals. These states are some of the hardest hit areas with pet over-population due to lack of spaying and neutering. Numerous friendly, sweet, loving animals are in danger of being euthanized at these facilities every day. Unfortunately for these babies, adoptions are very low and sadly, many will never make it out alive.

Many, unfortunately, are owner surrenders for reasons such as moving, had a baby, not enough time, too much work, mate doesn’t like.  Many times, owner surrenders are the first animals to be euthanized, and sometimes they only have days to get rescued or adopted. That includes pregnant and nursing moms, and litters of puppies and kittens. Many animals are being put down due to lack of space to hold them. Our goal is get as many of these babies out of these places, on transport, into our rescue, vetted, vaccinated and then find them their forever homes.

Sadly, until more people become responsible pet owners, spay and neuter their animals and the laws change, babies will continue to be euthanized at an extremely high rates. We are frequently sent emails letting us know who is in danger, every day of every week of every month. It never ends, and we never have enough foster homes.

There is a vast network of passionate people that volunteer their time to pull animals in danger from shelters, in animal rescue missions. Sometimes they board or foster them until transport can be arranged, and then with the combined effort of many great people, transport is arranged for these animals. Most transport volunteers are not asked to drive very long. There are many transport vehicles involved in the transport of just a few animals. These are called “legs”; the transport volunteers decide how long of a leg they can drive and then volunteer. Most drive around two hours. If you are interested in helping with transport, please email us at info@angelsonwheels.org.

When the babies finally arrive in our care, we provide them with lots of love, age appropriate shots, de-worming, baths, flea and tick treatment, spaying/neutering, antibiotics, treat for mange, ringworm, parvo, diarrhea, heartworm, tick transmitted diseases, and any other medical attention they may need. They get plenty of good food and are provided a warm place to lay their heads.  This is when they realize they are safe and life will be better from now on.  We then give them time to adjust to their new environment outside of kennels and among people. Angels On Wheels Animal Rescue, with our foster homes, take this time to evaluate them, assure the animals feel safe and protected and get socialized before we begin finding them loving families.

Animal Rescue

Thank you to everyone who is involved in helping to save so many lives. Our fabulous donors, sponsors, transporters, cross posters, adopters, volunteers, family, friends, and our partnering vets for their patience, kindness and love.  It takes a village!  Thank you to our wonderful, foster families that care so deeply for these animals.  Together we all save a lot of lives, and put smiles on many wonderful faces.

Our funding is very limited. If you would like to become one of our Angels by making a donation, please click the donate link to the left of the screen if your on a computer or click on the donate tab if on your phone. Your help is very much appreciated, and very much needed.

We have also started a wish list through Amazon.com with some of the items we really need.  If you click on amazon smiles first and make Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue your donate partner, a percentage is donated back to AWO.  


We have loved them all; from the end of a bad life to the beginning of a new life. It’s warming to watch the change…from a broken spirit to a, trusting, happy soul, and the happiness you see between these beautiful animals and their new families. We have helped hundreds end a long journey, and watched them begin their new lives. Our group of wonderful volunteers are the Angels by their side…Their future begins with us…and YOU!  That’s the reason I rescue. -Susan Pratl.